Calgary Stucco Painting

Remove wear-and-tear and make your home look new again.

Are you looking for high quality, cost-effective Calgary Stucco Painting services?

Our skilled painters can remove years of wear-and-tear and make your home look new again with professional Calgary Stucco Painting Services.

Painting your home’s stucco is a great money-saving and future-proofing solution. Years of wear-and-tear from harsh Calgary winters can be addressed with Calgary stucco painting. Not only does this achieve a value adding “facelift” for your home’s exterior, in the long run it will help save you money on exterior repairs and even prevent a costly replacement. 

It is a fact that Calgary’s unique weather changes and temperature fluctuations can cause your stucco to expand and contract, resulting in visible hairline cracks much quicker than in other areas of the country. Along with dirt, dust, and debris that become encrusted within the stucco surface, your home can end up looking tired and worn-out.

These hairline cracks can advance into more serious problems as they expand and contract, creating vulnerabilities to your building envelope where wind, water and even insects can find access, creating further damage and also affecting your home’s energy efficiency. 

Earl’s Paintworks, The Calgary Stucco Painting Experts!

As our high-quality paint converts your stucco into a revitalized water-repellent exterior, you can be assured that your new exterior will lock out moisture to prevent future cracking.

After the painting is complete, our high-quality stucco coating will be an effective barrier against weather, stains, mould, and mildew. 

Your home will look refreshed, updated, and clean all year long. It really is the best decision you can make for your exterior!

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It adds value to your home

Who doesn’t want their home to appreciate in value? Having well-painted stucco on a property can increase the value of your property for several reasons. Firstly, it’s fire resistance, low maintenance, rot resistant, sound dampening, and energy efficient. It adds great curb appeal to a property as well. Some homes with stucco can even apply for improved home insurance premiums.

Installation is painless and easy

Installing and drying of stucco only takes two days on average. Painting it often is just as quick depending on the individual project. That means our professional team will be in and out of your way before you know it.

Stucco is very durable and resistant

Has the stucco of your home unfortunately worn down over time and doesn’t look as appealing as it used to? No problem. Earl’s Paintworks will bring it back to life with a meticulous painting process that prevents future damage and gives it a beautiful look all year around.

Maintenance is minimal and seamless

You know as a homeowner that maintaining your property takes a lot of work. Stucco makes your life easier by being low-maintenance in nature. It does not need to be repainted often, but when it does, you shouldn’t wait. Having it painted will invigorate your home’s appearance and simplify all of its benefits. Stucco is also great in Calgary to keep as much snow away from walls and tough to reach areas. You can pressure wash stucco more easily than other services which Earl’s Paintworks can take care of for you as well.

What our clients say

“We worked with Earl's Paintworks this summer and had a terrific experience. Earl has provided a terrific contact to get some stucco fixed and spent a few minutes out of his day helping us fix some wooden siding and providing advice to ensure a seamless fix. His crew's attention to detail and professionalism were a welcome change from some of the other companies we looked at. We highly recommend them have them and wouldn't hesitate to have his team work on future projects at our home.”
Charles Gobin

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