Stucco Painting in Calgary

Are you looking for high quality, cost-effective stucco painting in Calgary?

Our skilled painters can remove years of wear-and-tear and make your home look new again.

Painting your home’s stucco is a great money-saving and future-proofing solution. Years of wear-and-tear from harsh Calgary winters can be addressed with stucco painting. Not only does this achieve a value adding “facelift” for your home’s exterior, in the long run it will help save you money on exterior repairs and even prevent a costly replacement. 

It is a fact that Calgary’s unique weather changes and temperature fluctuations can cause your stucco to expand and contract, resulting in visible hairline cracks much quicker than in other areas of the country. Along with dirt, dust, and debris that become encrusted within the stucco surface, your home can end up looking tired and worn-out. These hairline cracks can advance into more serious problems as they expand and contract, creating vulnerabilities to your building envelope where wind, water and even insects can find access, creating further damage and also affecting your home’s energy efficiency. 

Earl’s Paintworks can solve this for you!

As our high-quality paint converts your stucco into a revitalized water-repellent exterior, you can be assured that your new exterior will lock out moisture to prevent future cracking.

After the painting is complete, our high-quality stucco coating will be an effective barrier against weather, stains, mould, and mildew. 

Your home will look refreshed, updated, and clean all year long. It really is the best decision you can make for your exterior!

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