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Is the Interior Painting of your home becoming an eyesore? Earl’s Calgary Interior Painters will give it a facelift in no time.

Earl’s Paintworks offers interior painting in Calgary for residential clients. We believe quality paint application is one of the best ways to enhance the look and feel of your home. Our aim is to enhance your living space through excellent painting results. We also work hard to make our presence a comfortable experience for residents.

Our dust-free sanding ensures the least possible disruption to your home environment. We use a state-of-the-art Festool dust extraction sander. With filtration of 99.997% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns, this machine keeps your house as dust-free as possible. You don’t have to worry about health concerns, your family, or pets, the house painter that cares! 

We respect a customer’s home as their most valuable asset and take pride in contributing to the comfort and value of every residence we work in. We cater to residential owners, real estate agents, and new builders.


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Transform the look and feel of your home

Do you want to turn your newly purchased or old home into what you’ve been imagining? Our residential interior painting services can make that become a reality. Painting the inside of your house has the potential to make it breathtaking while completely changing its look and feel. You can also say goodbye to bad paint jobs, stains, dings, marks, and dents.

Potentially increase the value of your property

Curb appeal and the interior quality of a home has a huge impact on its value and demand. Investing in painting services like what we offer at Earl’s Paintworks can increase the value of your home if you plan to sell it one day. It won’t just look and feel better, but also put more money in your pocket.

A good paint job can protect the interior of your home

Similarly, our team of professionals use a meticulous system and process to give our clients’ home the highest quality paint job. Fresh coats of paint (when properly applied) can protect walls, ceilings, and other parts of a house from wear and tear.

The Calgary Interior Painting Experts

Updating your house interior design is one of the most fulfilling activities one could do at home. This is the task that most of us often forget or procrastinate about. One should not worry about this laborious task as there are professional painting contractors who can transform your home into a cozy personal space through colors. Earl’s Paintworks offers Interior Painting services to our clients in Calgary and the surrounding communities. At Earl’s Paintworks, we understand our clients’ demands. We deliver quality and perfection with every home touched by our team of professional painters with years of experience in providing the best home interior painting.

Why Hire an Interior Painter?

Do-It-Yourself may seem cost-effective for you, but actually, hiring professional painting contractors to accomplish your interior painting or repainting saves you more time and money. For one good reason, professional interior painters are trained experts who can deliver the required experience to get the painting job done right. If you are planning an interior repainting project for your home in Calgary or nearby cities, Earl’s Paintworks is here to help you through your endeavor.


As professional interior painters, we take charge of the preparation, protection, and transformation of your home interior by applying the best quality finishes. We are skilled and expert professionals who deliver the quality service that our clients expected.

More than just a coat of paint on the wall, an interior painter’s job is quite extensive. Here are just a few of the measures our interior painters take to deliver the best painting services in Calgary:

  1. Examine the condition of the walls or surfaces being painted to identify the techniques and materials to be used.
  2. Accomplish the necessary repairs before starting the painting process.
  3. Ensure the necessary amount of prep work is done to guarantee the quality of painting work.
  4. Protect the floors, furniture, appliances, windows, and all home materials from dust, spray and construction damage.
  5. Help you decide on picking the perfect colour that matches your home interior and personal preference.
  6. Know what type of paint to use for different areas of the house and different types of surfaces.

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