Fine Finish Spraying in Calgary

Our Calgary fine finish spraying is one of the top ways to showcase and preserve the beauty of your cabinetry, railings, and built-ins. It’s extremely effective and popular for this reason, and is also a technique that’s best left to the professionals due to the finicky equipment, the intricate nature of the work, the importance of professional setup and cleanup, as well as considerable equipment safety concerns. In fact, for the safety of our clients and prospective clients, we urge you to contact us before embarking on a project which requires air/spray equipment equipment on your own.

The good news is that when executed properly by a professional, fine finish spraying can make a lasting difference in the life of your fixtures and furniture. With fine finish spraying, your pieces will receive the attention to detail they deserve. This is because finish spraying allows for a greater level of power, consistency and precision than traditional brushes and rollers, which means the beauty and details of any woodwork will take center stage.

Earl’s Paintworks is a leader in the field when it comes to both the art and science of fine finish spraying, and will bring a top-tier level of expertise and knowledge to your project. The experts at Earl’s Paintworks will quickly determine the level of viscosity, fluid flow, air flow, and fan size that works for your particular project need. We will then seamlessly execute the space setup, the paint work itself, and the meticulous cleanup afterward. When you hire us to do your fine finish spraying you can expect the same gold standard level of service and expertise to which our traditional painting clients have become accustomed.

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Our process from start to finish

We respect your home and belongings

As professional painters, we are committed to protecting your floors and belongings. We take utmost care each day to cover all furniture with plastic sheeting and all floor surfaces with drop cloths.

It’s all in the preparation

Properly preparing substrate to receive paint is the key to rendering premium results. We inspect all wall surfaces with a 200W bulb to reveal any imperfections, then we fill all nail holes, dents and cracks. We sand all surfaces between coats for an extra smooth finish. We use a state-of-the-art Festool dust extraction sander with filtration levels of 99.997% to keep your house as dust-free as possible.

A fresh coat of paint

You can count on our professional knowledge of materials for all your painting needs. We use the right product so the work only has to be done once. We cut straight lines and provide even coverage while rolling to ensure premium results.

Quality control

We pride ourselves on high level work. Repeated inspection minimizes deficiencies in the prep and painting process to keep production on time and on point.

Our housekeeping

As professionals, we believe a clean house means a happy client. We make sure all furniture is put back, floors are swept and carpets are vacuumed. We leave your house cleaner than it was when we arrived.

Contact us today

Ready to see how Earl’s Paintworks can transform your home or business? Have a look at some of our previous projects in our gallery and contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. Your home or business deserves some of the best painting services Calgary has to offer, you’ll find that service with Earl’s Paintworks.