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Improve the value of your property, generate more business, and increase foot traffic.

The last thing you want is for a painting company to interrupt your business, workflow and productivity. We limit dust deposits in your work space with our dust-free sanding equipment. We can work outside of regular business hours and on weekends to accommodate your business needs. We have extensive experience in large painting commercial exteriors, warehouse interiors, retail businesses, executive offices, and other Calgary commercial painting.

Our Commercial Painting ServiceS

What our clients say

“I was actually going to hire a painter other than Earl who undercut Earl's estimate because he was recommended to me by a friend. Earl got the contract because he diligently replied to our emails and even changed his flight details when visiting his family to start early and get the job done in our preferred time.”
Kelly Brownlee


Improve the perception of your business

Looks and first impressions matter. A professional commercial painting job can help your company improve its branding, perception, and recognition. Earl’s Paintworks and our team of experts will paint your company’s building in a way that makes it stand out and represent itself properly.

Drive more traffic to your business

If your business doesn’t stand out and blends into the crowd, you will lose potential customers and foot traffic. An effective commercial painting job will make our business seem more reliable and inviting. If you are leasing your building, a new paint job also creates the opportunity for higher rents in an attractive facility.

Stand out from the local competition

Customers make split second decisions when choosing a service provider. If your competitors stand out and look more professional, people may choose them. Fortunately, you can invest in high-quality commercial painting services in Calgary like ours that will make your company catch more attention.

Increase the value of your property

Commercial painting services can have a very tangible return on investment. When a property is more visually appealing and can stand the test of time and weather, its value may appreciate. 

Improve the lifespan of the building

Commercial painting services are not just for improving the aesthetics and appearance of your properties. They also make surfaces more resistant, stronger, and can improve the overall lifespan of the building.

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