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Maintaining your deck to look good for a long period of time may require you to stain it. This is a method of maintaining the oil and the moisture to get locked on it that will make it withstand the extreme heat of the sun and the opposite, which is water damage. Now, here are the few easy steps that you must follow to make sure that you are doing the right things preventing any damage.

First, you must have the complete materials needed so that you will not be skipping some of the important steps and will make everything done correctly and these are the Brushes, Paint roller pans, a wood stain, a pair of rubber gloves, rags, safety glasses, rollers that have long handles, pressure washers and you may now proceed to the steps If you need help call a Calgary painter .

One, Choose what you think is the best color of wood stain you will about to use, it is always upon your taste. You may either check them online or have them with any home depots where they are available.

Two, is for you to have the deck cleaned as thorough as you can. This is the time for you to use the pressure washer; this is for you to make sure that surfaces and the deep sited dirt are taken away from the wood.

After which, completely dry the deck, best for you to have it exposed under the direct heat of the sun or have a dryer to dry it out. Follow up wiping with some clean and dry rags so that these could absorb more of the remaining waters from the deck.

Then, it would be time for you to fill the pan with the deck stain. If you have no rolling pan, just have it also DYI, and that is through cutting a wide bodied gallon of juice or gasoline, but make sure it is washed properly not to contaminate and mix with the stain.

Soak the brush with the stain; make sure that you get just enough amount of the substance to not drip itself from the brush of the rollers and evenly apply the minimum amount of stain with the deck’s surfaces. Then wipe all the excess after you make sure that the thickness, texture and the color of the stain are all equal and time for you to just leave the deck for about one day, letting it dry on its own.

Make sure that you are doing the staining at the right time. There is a proper time to stain the deck based on the temperature and the weather making sure that it is not a rainy day. Why? Simply because it will be hard to dry and it will be prone from water marks, damages and many other factors outside your home. You may also have the variation of either water or solvent based stain depending on the temperature outside when you do it.