Exterior Painters Calgary

Exterior Painting improves the value of your home, impress your neighbours, and bring your vision to life.

No matter if you have just purchased your first home, have a Calgary heritage house, property with difficult-to-reach areas, or a larger home requiring extensive work, Earl’s Paintworks is committed to the same attention to detail and quality workmanship for residential exteriors that we provide for interior painting.

Our surface preparation is impeccable. We begin our meticulous exterior painting process by ensuring all areas to be painted are prepared by cleaning them and sanding or scraping loose or peeling paint. Minor cracks are filled and rotten wood is removed, if needed. A quality primer is chosen based on the type of existing paint. We aren’t like other painting companies that use low quality paint or expect you to provide it then charge a premium.

The application method (brush, roll, or spray) is chosen by our expert Calgary exterior painters based on the best result for each surface. We only perform exterior painting in Calgary once temperatures reach 10°C or higher 24 hours a day. We use quality products and apply all coatings in a professional manner to enhance the look of your home for years to come. 

Exterior Painters Calgary


What our clients say

“Great experience working with Earl and his team. Earl came out personally for a quote, was on time and friendly. They were able to start the job quickly, and finished much quicker than expectations. Great quality work, fast, and came in slightly under the quote. Crew was polite and clean, and left my home just as it was before they came. Highly recommend, would not hesitate to call them again!”
Chris Dittrick

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Add curb appeal to your home

Curb appeal isn’t only for you. Not only will it feel breathtaking to pull up to a beautiful home every day, but exterior painting in Calgary adds value and sets the right tone for your property. Think of it as a foot in the door if you plan to sell your house in the future. It creates a great first impression as it’s the initial part of a property that people see.

Bring your vision to life

When you purchase a property, you imagine what it’s going to look and feel like—all of the changes and renovations you’ll make. These things make it into something that’s truly your own. Let our professional team of expert painters bring your vision to life with exterior painting services.

Get protected against the elements

Calgary doesn’t have tame winters, storms, or snow. These elements can be quite harsh on your home, paint, and other components. That’s not including regular things like rain, wind, or hail either. High-quality exterior paint jobs act as a guard and outer shield for homes. They can also prevent moisture from seeping into the house, prevent mold or mildew damage, and stop insects.

The enemies of exterior paint in Calgary

Temperature Changes

The annual climate cycle in most northern regions like Calgary affects the lifespan of your exterior painting. The wild temperature fluctuations experienced during freezing climates is the test of an exterior painting job. At times when the temperature can drop to below freezing temperature and return to normal temperature in the morning is potentially damaging the paint integrity. The freeze-thaw cycle places unusual stress on the paint coating, and the paint can crack and peel off if the paint used is not flexible.


Even some of the quality paints cannot withstand this enemy. Moisture appears in different forms which can later damage the exterior painting of your home. High humidity, rain downpour, frost and snow can end up destroying the paint. Blistering, peeling, and mottling are some of the most common effects of moisture on exterior walls.

Poor Preparation

All the money you spent on expensive and quality paints and the lesser painting contractors will be wasted if they missed one important step in the preparation step. Prep work is important to guarantee a durable and quality exterior painting finish. However, this is among the most common mistakes and failures most painters commit. Paint contractors cannot skip a step in the prep without facing the consequence. Cracking and wax bleeding are among the common indicators of poor preparation work. Cracking often appears when the previously applied paint is not properly scraped off the surface. This also occurs when the paint is applied on rough surfaces, and painters skipped sanding and priming.

Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet sun rays often result in fading of the paint. The disadvantage of direct rays of the sun is that the ultraviolet rays their exterior wall painting receives can destroy the binder of the paint. When binders break down, a pigment will be released. Heavy UV rays also increased the speed of paint colour deterioration.

Improper Paint Application

Improper paint applications result in flaking. You can choose the best exterior paint colour, but still not get the best finish you desire if the paint application process fails. When not properly coated with paint, moisture can easily penetrate walls or woods which can result in flaking.

These are some of the most common enemies that a good exterior painting works face. If you want to avoid an accelerated deterioration of your exterior wall painting, consult the professional painting contractors at Earl’s Paintworks. We have a skilled team of painters who can apply the necessary precautions, preparations, and protections to achieve what your money’s worth.

calgary exterior painters: conquering the elements

We spend time and money transforming our house into a home. We spend our savings to achieve the beauty and comfort we desire in the very place we rest and keep our family safe. However, some factors are out of our hands. Some contaminants and elements are beyond our control. For one, we cannot control the weather. It is important that when hiring professional painting contractors, they understand the toll that these weather conditions take on your home exterior paint. Keeping this in mind helps them to make better decisions and become a more reliable resource for the clients.

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