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Staining Your Deck Can Improve Its Appearance, Protect It From The Elements, and Keep It Looking Sharp.

Great Small Deck Staining Project

The size of your project doesn’t matter, Earl’s Paintworks is the Calgary painting company that will get it done! This small deck  and was the second project we tackled on this day and the before and after photos really do tell a great story.

Staining your deck can improve its appearance, protect it from the elements, and keep it looking sharp. It’s an excellent alternative to painting your deck, but it does require some work and regular maintenance. Generally, you can expect to stain a deck every two to three years. 

Signs It’s Time to Re-Stain Your Deck

If your deck surface looks thin, worn, or patchy, that’s a good indicator it’s time to restain. Wood damage like warping and splintering is also a sign that staining is needed. If you see this, however, it’s probably a good bet to replace some boards before getting down to work. 

You can also do a simple water check to see if re-staining is needed. To do this, just pour a little water on your deck. If it beads up and rolls away, your deck is in good condition. If the water starts to absorb, maintenance is needed. 

If you are thinking about staining or any painting for your home or business, give us a call and we will guide you through the process.