What is the Best Type of Paint for Outdoor Painting?

We paint the exterior walls of our house for a few reasons. Aside from its aesthetic value, the exterior wall painting of our house protects the structure from the harmful weather elements that can damage it.

We paint the exterior walls of our house for a few reasons. Aside from its aesthetic value, the exterior wall painting of our house protects the structure from the harmful weather elements that can damage it. Exterior paintings are expected to withstand the threats of icy winter, intense summers, soaking rains, and violent radiation without the paint fading or peeling off easily.

However, this is not easy to achieve. You need the best paint designed for exterior painting loaded with high-quality resins, pigments, and additives. Making this investment in the paint will guarantee the best results when coupled with the best labour and best materials.

Acrylic latex paints are the best paint products to be used for exterior painting. This is flexible to any type of surface that you can confidently apply to wood, brick, metal, concrete, or vinyl. It is porous and colourfast compared to other types of paint.  

When To Use Oil-Based Paints?

Although the use of oil-based paints is steadily declining due to high-VOC solvents, oil-based paints are still best to use for certain outdoor areas such as doors, wrought irons, and trims. Oil-based paints have a gloss and smoothness that no latex can match. It also helps in the resistance of dirt and moulds.

What Are Some Specialty Coats To Consider?

Aside from the typical paints that are usually used as a wall finish, here are some specialty coatings you can consider for your exterior wall painting:

No-fade Paint: This is premium-quality paint that limits the effects of ultra-violet rays on your exterior walls. This has low VOC and helps in preventing the algae, dirt, and moulds build-up. It has a long-lasting colour that doesn’t easily fade.

Natural Paint: This is biodegradable and non-synthetic paint. It is made out of natural ingredients such as linseed oil, earth mineral, plant essence, and mineral pigment. This is good for the health and adds a positive room ambiance.

What Are The Best Paints of 2022?

If you are wondering what the best paints to be used for the type of surfaces and materials you will be painting, Spruce listed some of the best paints of 2022 you can use for different surfaces and materials:

Best: The best for overall painting is BEHR Premium Plus Exterior Paint and Primer in One At Home Depot. This paint is retailed at $40. This paint can withstand moisture, mildew, fading, and stains.

Budget: For those who are within a tight budget yet still want the best quality paint, Diamond Brite Oil Base Enamel at Home Depot is the paint for you. It is retailed for $26, and it can be applied to wood, concrete, brick, or metal surfaces.

Porch and Patios: If you are planning to paint your patios and porches, Kilz Interior/Exterior Enamel Latex Floor Paint at Amazon is the best paint for you. Retailed at $29, this paint can protect your patio for years.

Stucco: The BEHR Interior/Exterior Masonry & Brick Paint is the best for stucco painting. This is alkali and mildew resistant. This is retailed at $26 in Home Depot.

Wood: The $45 Valspar Duramax Satin Exterior Tintable Paint at Lowe’s is best to be used for wooden surfaces. It keeps wood in its pristine condition while protecting your structure from moulds, algae, and mildew.

Colour Selection: Farrow & Ball offers 148 stunning shades of paint palette you can choose from. The price varies for every paint colour.

Brick: To maintain the spotless form and porous integrity of your masonry, the ECOS Exterior Vinyl Siding Paint is the best paint you can use. 

Pamela Vigneault
Pamela Vigneault
We hired Earl and his crew to paint the baseboards & walls of our basement. He is very good at answering emails and texts. Also is punctual when meeting for quotes and doing the work. I specifically wanted our baseboards lacquered and NOT brush or roller painted. It cost more, but the results speak for themselves. The basement was left clean and the furniture well covered. Great work from this company. Would recommend
Lorraine Townsend
Lorraine Townsend
Recently Earl painted the exterior of our house. The structure was very challenging and needed an enormous amount of prep work. Earl and his crew showed up every day on time and went full tilt for 4 days to get all the prep and painting done. The paint was all brushed and rolled.They were very professional and it was obvious that they take pride in their work.I did have trouble deciding on the colours and after a couple of stressful months, I followed up with a colour consultant that Earl recommended. It was money well spent and we are very pleased with how it turned out.I would not hesitate to recommend Earl and his crew.
Earl and his team helped me dramatically improve the interior of a recently purchased 1960 Bungalow. They prepped and painted the main level completely (ceiling, walls, windows, door jams, etc.) and did some painting in basement as well. Easy to work with from the start to finish. Great job, on time, and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Earl’s Paintworks. I will most likely be using their services again soon!
Jenn Balderston
Jenn Balderston
Earl is the best in the business! We hired Earl to paint the exterior of our 106 year-old heritage home that was in disrepair. Our house is a craftsman bungalow that required highly detailed workmanship. Because of the uniqueness of the house, and its heritage value, we were nervous to hire the job out to just anyone. We met with a number of companies and Earl's Paintworks stood tall above the rest. We loved that Earl was an owner/operator and knew after talking to him that he'd take great care with our beloved home. We weren't wrong! Earl and Jeremy were meticulous - sanding every nook and cranny to ensure a perfect finish that would stand the test of time. We wanted a tri-colour scheme to show off the home's craftsmanship, which required a lot of taping, cutting, and intricate work. Our neighbours would stop by to compliment Earl and Jeremy - blown away by the precision and quality of their work. Both my fiancé and I were sad to see them leave. Earl and Jeremy had become fast friends, always making time to stop and visit with us (despite putting in long days of hard labour). Couldn't recommend them enough! If you are looking for a painter, do yourself a favour, and stop here.
Julie Sontag
Julie Sontag
We recently hired Earl's Paintworks to repaint the entire interior of a newly-purchased home and could not be more pleased with the quality of the work and exceptional service provided from start to finish. We were on a very tight timeline & Earl (the owner) and Jeremy showed up ready to work 30 minutes after we took possession of the house. They put in long hours to finish the job in only 8.5 days, despite the fact that it was a massive project (3 storey house with over 30 windows/doors to paint around and some 20ft ceilings). The care they took to cover our hardwood floors, carpeting and cabinetry was remarkable - not a drop of paint left anywhere it didn't belong.Earl was truly a pleasure to work with, responded to our questions in a timely & friendly fashion, and provided knowledgeable (and realistic) advice on different finishes and colour options. He even went above and beyond to point out some small repairs that needed to be addressed around the house which was helpful to us as new owners. We had 4 different companies quote on the job and chose Earl's Paintworks based on a gut feeling that Earl was the right choice. Very happy with our decision - so much so that we're hoping to have them back this summer to do the exterior of our house as well.We would recommend Earl's Paintworks to anyone without hesitation. If you're looking for a hardworking, locally-owned company to do an efficient, professional, super high quality job, this is it!
Ken Cheung
Ken Cheung
We wanted the interior and doors repainted in our home in preparation for selling. We obtained a couple of quotes from painters. We ended up choosing Earl due to our positive interactions with him.This is a small but very professional company. It was good to work with a smaller company where the person painting your home is the actual owner and therefore, someone who took full responsibility for the work. Earl was very helpful with colour suggestions. He was easy to communicate with via both emails, phone calls and text. Earl was a perfectionist. He finished our 2 level 2000 sq ft home in about 6 full days. He came a few weeks later to do the exterior doors (garage and entry) when the weather was warmer.I would not hesitate to recommend Earl's Paintworks.