The 1 Day Renovation

DustFree Sanding, It’s The Best Oxymoron We Know!

How Can We Do All This In 1 Day?

This Calgary Painting client was super happy with this project, how it all turned out and the fact that we were able to get in, get it all taken care of and get out in the same day.

So how do we get a project like this all finished in one day? It’s a great question really and the answer comes down to two things: The right experience and the right tools and materials. We have spent lots of time on the blog talking about our professional painters and their skills for all the different styles of painting, so we will share a little here about the tools used in this job.

Dustfree Sanding

When you see us pull up in our Mercedes Sprinter vans you start to understand how seriously we take our business. We have reinvested in our business to make sure we are operating with the latest and best technology on all levels to help us work more efficiently and deliver the greatest level of productivity to get jobs done the right way.

This is evident in the equipment we bring onto each and every project and dustless sanding equipment from Festool is a big component in our arsenal.


We achieve outstanding finishing results in less time and with less mess thanks to the integrated dust extraction design that captures dust through and around the pad. Sanding inside edges is easily achieved through a removable top section allowing the sanding head close proximity to an abutting surface. Soft sanding pad, Granat abrasives, and perfect balance and weight help to achieve the finest sanding result. We love bringing high tech to what maybe used to be a low tech job.