Some Fine Finishing in Silver Springs

Medium & Golden Oak Transformation. Modernizing A Trend From Yester-Year

An Oak Upgrade

This Silver Springs home received a royal treatment of fine finishing and painting services to bring it up to date.

From fine finishing to wallpaper removal, our crew has the expertise to modernize the interior of your Calgary home!

The Update for the Outdated

There are many stylistic trends that can outdate the look of your homes interior but one of the harder items to change is the finishing and trim.

Medium brown and Golden Oak are trends that spanned a few decades that often make a home a home feel dated, even after updates to flooring, wall colours or perhaps cabinetry.

That was the case in this Silver Springs home. The open staircase is a focal point that made a statement and not in a modern way.

Our fine finishing team was up for the challenge and the final result is more than impressive. Two tone railing made the room a whole lot lighter. We finished the spindles in a neutral and bright colour while accenting the handrail, stringer fascia, capping, shoe trim and posts in a contrasting darker tone.

We also got to work doing the same on the fireplace mantel,  then removed some wall paper and pulled it all together with a great interior paint finish. 

If you are considering an interior renovation and uncertain of the best or most affordable way to update your trim, cabinetry and fine finished woodwork, give us a call. We are happy to share our experience and let you know how we can help turn your space into your dream interior!