Sherwin Williams vs Menards – Which Holds Better Painting Products?

Trying to choose the best paint for your next project? You’re in the right place. Two favourites in the painting community are Sherwin Williams and Menards. However, it can be difficult to choose the right one. That’s why in today’s blog post, we’ll be comparing Sherwin Williams vs Menards so you can make the best purchasing decision.

What is Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams is a major paint company that provides painting products for professionals and homeowners. They have been in business for over 150 years with their headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio.

They offer the following products:

  • Paint: Paints, stains, primers, and paint for specific applications like aerospace and cars.
  • Wallpaper: They provide wallpapers to complete your home decorating project or makeover.
  • Tools & Accessories: Rollers, brushes, edgers, pan scrapers and other tools you need to complete a high quality painting job.

Sherwin Williams carries brands like Valspar, Minwax, Purdy, Krylon, Dutch Boy, Dupli-Color, and others.

They are well received among their customers, sporting hundreds of reviews on Consumer Affairs and other websites. As you can see from these reviews, customers enjoy Sherwin Williams paint products for its easy application and quality.

Sherwin Williams reviews

That brings us to their competitor, Menards.

What is Menards?


Menards is a chain of home improvement stores with locations in the United States, Canada. They have been around since 1962 and they are based out of Eau Claire, WI.

They offer a much wider variety of products for painters, such as:

  • Paints, stains, sealers, and additives.
  • Building materials like drywall and lumber.
  • Flooring, rugs, and other d├ęcor.
  • Appliances and hardware.
  • And more!

This is convenient if you need other products than just paint. After all, you might be painting the interior of your home and decide to add a new backsplash or floor tiles in the kitchen for example. In that case, Menards is a great choice.

The company also has a great online reputation with hundreds of positive reviews on platforms like Consumer Affairs. As you can see from these reviews, customers enjoy Menards customer service and product selection.

Menards reviews

Sherwin Williams paint quality

Okay, let’s talk about the next important thing: quality. How good is Sherwin Williams paint?

Sherwin Williams is a good retailer for most people. Since they carry a wide variety of brands, they offer excellent quality at an affordable price. Sherwin Williams colors are also really nice and their paints usually have some pretty interesting “designer” options like flat look or metallic sheen. They’re a great option if you want to buy prestige without paying too much money.

Overall, this is one of the better brands on the market right now because it offers both affordability and high-quality products with fun features like colour palettes and finishes so there’s something for everyone. They use premium pigments that result in rich colors and a lot of variety as well.

Sherwin Williams paint price

How much do you have to dish out to buy Sherwin Williams paint? Well, it depends on the exact product you purchase. I.e. interior paint, primer, etc. However, here are some examples from their website. As you can see, prices for interior paint range from $50-75/gallon.

Sherwin Williams pricing

Let’s talk more about Menards paint products next.

Menards paint quality

Menards hold similar brands to Sherwin Williams among others like Rust-Oleum, Pittsburgh Paints & Stains, Lucite, Grand Distinction, and Conco. Because of this, the paint quality of Menards is high because you have a wide selection to choose from. Need something frugal? No problem. Need high-end paint for a luxury home? Menards has products that will help with that too.

Menards paint price

Since we looked at the pricing of Sherwin Williams interior paint, let’s do the same for Menards. Visiting their website, we can see that Menards paint is priced much more competitively at approximately $20/gallon.

Menards pricing

They also offer a wider variety of brands, giving you more options versus Sherwin Williams only seeing their own product line.

Final thoughts on Sherwin Williams vs Menards

Choosing the right type of paint can be difficult. You don’t want to waste your money and time by selecting the wrong one. Two of the most popular choices are Sherwin Williams and Menards.

We recommend Sherwin Williams for homeowners and painters that have a bigger budget and require just paint. Menard, on the other hand, is ideal for budget conscious painters and those who need other products like flooring, outdoors, and tools.

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