Re Staining: A Great Summer Project

This property received some TLC from Earl’s Paintworks with trim and fence restaining.

Summer 2022 Has Been Great For Outdoor Painting & Re Staining Projects

Re Staining in Calgary can be tricky with all the weather changes that we can experience in any given day. The summer of 2022 has been great for Calgary painters to get things done outdoors though and we are very excited with how this project turned out for these home owners.

Re Staining Before Photo
Re Staining After Photo

The before image tells the story of the wear and tear that your homes exterior experiences in our Alberta climate. Severe weather changes, extreme cold and dry heat all combine to dry out wood and cause even the best finishes to break down over time. 

By calling in our re staining experts before the the wood trim work had been weather damaged we are able to quickly and efficiently prepare and restain the exterior and create some amazing curb appeal at the same time.

Re Staining A Few Feet of Fence

Staining and sealing your fence ensures that it looks great but it actually will help prolong the life of the wood and protect the investment in your fence.

Sealing and staining prevents water from seeping into the fence but also protects the wood surface from UV and slows the breakdown caused by the elements.

Hardwoods such as cedar don’t need to be pressure-treated because they contain natural oils which protect against rot or bugs. This means hardwood can generally be sealed right away. 

If you have a new fence that has been constructed with  pressure treated lumber, the pressure treating chemicals moisten the wood and prevent stains and sealants from penetrating – for a while anyway.

A good rule of thumb is to wait a month or two after the fence has been installed for the lumber to dry before staining and sealing it. 

Summer is an excellent time to stain or re stain and seal your fence because the heat will ensure the wood has been dried and the stain will penetrate the wood fibers a lot better.