7 Essential Questions to Ask House Painters

Painting your home can be a lot of work and it’s important to find the right person for the job. But, how do you know if they are right for the job? The last thing you want is to spend the money, only to hire another painter or do the job yourself.

The following blog post will teach you about some questions to ask house painters before hiring them in order to make sure that they are capable and qualified enough for your needs.


Questions to ask house painters

These are some of the most important questions to ask painters before hiring them.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

The painters you hire should preferably be licensed and insured. You want to make sure you are hiring a professional who is qualified for the job. In the case that someone gets hurt or something gets damaged, licenses and insurance will cover that and prevent you from having to pay it or experience legal issues.

2. What are your prices like and what is the cost of labor inclusive in those rates?

Naturally, you want to ensure that you find a partner that’s within your budget and can be flexible. That’s why we recommend asking what their pricing is like. In some cases, they will probably have to physically visit the property, ask about the square feet, and learn about your particular goals. They should be able to base quotes off of previous quotes, materials, etc. You can also ask if other costs like labor are included. For instance, the average cost to paint a house is $2,510.

Average cost to paint house

3. Who will be supervising the project while it is being completed? How often will they show up at my house during work hours?

Having a house painted by professionals takes up time and space. That’s why it’s important to ask who will be supervising the project for safety, how many people will be there, and how often they will show up. This helps you plan your day and activities accordingly without interruptions.

4. What type of paint are you going to use, latex or oil-based?

Not every project uses the same point. In some cases, you need oil-based paint. In others, you might need latex paint. Asking what paints they will be using shows their expertise and gives you more insight into the level of service you’re receiving and what you’re ultimately paying for.

5. How long does it take to finish painting the interior walls of a 1500 sq ft home with one coat?

We recommend asking how long the project will take specifically for your needs. For example, a 1,500 square foot home that needs exterior painting will be very different than a 2,500 square foot home that needs an entirely new interior paint job. This gives you an outlook on how long the project will take and what to expect. According to Bob Vila, a professional job could take up to 120 hours for an entire home.

6. Can I see before/after pictures from jobs that you have done in my area so I can compare your quality against other contractors?

It’s always good to speak with a few contractors to get different quotes and advice. Additionally, it’s wise to ask for galleries (check out ours here) since it allows you to see the quality of work they provide. You can also look for testimonials and reviews to ensure that other people enjoyed their work. For example, visit Google to see reviews.

Google reviews example

Next, check out their Facebook page and click the “Reviews” tab.

Facebook reviews

You can also search for them on platforms like Yelp.

Best of all, ask friends and family for a referral.

7. What is your experience as an exterior painter and how many years has your company been around?”

Experience matters. Would you rather work with painters that have only been in the industry for two years or veterans like Earl’s Paintworks that have decades of combined experience? Those years of expertise mean that they can provide more accurate quotes, are professional, take care of your property, and can do a better job in less time. Who doesn’t want that?

Wrapping up questions to ask house painters

You should never hire a house painter on a whim. Do your research. It will get you a better quote and ultimately improve the end project. After all, don’t you want your home or business to look beautiful? If so, it’s worth asking the questions we outlined in today’s article.

In particular, focus on the quality of work, timeline, and quote. Those are the big three. There’s no such thing as a stupid question either. Ask anything that comes to mind.

If you need professional painters in the Calgary area, contact us at Earl’s Paintworks at any time. We will happily give you a no-obligation free quote for your project.