painting and renovating bathrooms increase a house value

May 23, 2017
Bathtub in repainted bathroom

A bathroom is an important part of the home however it is one of the most overlooked parts as well. Renewing the bathroom or creating a new bathroom is one of the ways that will add value to your home. Do you want a bathroom that is functional as well as stylish? Renovating or painting of bathroom is one effective way to improve the scalability of the place and also makes the home more practical. Often a good choice to find  local calgary painters if you need some home painting let them help with you paint color choices as well .

Renovating your bathroom

An archaic bathroom can easily be renovated without the need of any extra space. To know what is needed to be done, you have to begin by looking into the practical side of renovation. Ensure that everything works correctly with no damage areas or leaks. add items like LED Shower Heads  If there is any issue, it must be solved before the decorating process. Structural, engineering, and plumbing upgrades is a costly process. Hence, it is important that you know these repairs upfront. And if you find any problem beforehand and will repair it then the resale value of your home will significantly improve. Firstly, figure out that you need a new outline or you just want to update the existing design. This will help you in determining the cost and budget. If you have any carpentry skills, you can handle the small changes by yourself. However, you will need to hire someone for other complex work.

These tips will help you in renovating your bathroom that will increase your resale value your home:

  • Consult real estate expert: Look around similar homes in your neighborhood. Check how many bathrooms they have in their homes. See if you need to add a bathroom to be more competitive. Talk to the real estate professionals and conclude what kind of bathroom buyers like the most.
  • Keep future in mind: When renovating the bathroom, ensure that you pick neutral colors. The benefits of choosing neutral colors are that they last longer and make the bathroom look cleaner. They also make the accessorizing easy.
  • Give a “wow” touch: When we talk about adding the “wow”, we mean within our limit. Like, if you are replacing your bathroom floor, you can put in a little extra and go for radiant heat floor mats that give out real luxurious look to the bathroom. When buyers will see the house, they will definitely remember heated bathroom floor. Also putting hand showers in the bathroom is also handy and reasonable.

Accessorizing your bathroom can be simple. Change the old towels, switch the shower curtains and put in some interesting decorating pieces such as plastic flower vase. Even how you arrange the bathroom necessities also enhances the view of the bathroom. For instance, you can roll the towel and arrange it neatly on your bathroom shelf. And ensure that you keep clutter away from the vanity counter. This affects the environment of your bathroom.Following the above-given steps can help you in increasing the house value.