Home Interior Colours for 2022

Annually, home interior and lifestyle magazines release the anticipated colours of the year. They release a list of trendy colours that will be stylish for the whole year. This year is no different.

Home Interior Colours For 2022

As we opened the new year, different lifestyle blogs and leading paint and colour experts revealed the trendy colours for this year. It is important to keep your house in with the trend especially if you are planning to sell your house. The first thing that your prospective buyers will see is that fresh coat of paint from your favorite Calgary Interior Painters, Earl’s Paintworks. Fresh painting gives the impression that the house is well-maintained. Fresh painting improves the aesthetics of your house thus it appears more pleasing to your prospective buyers.

To help you decide what colours should you be considering in your interior painting renovation, Earl’s Paintworks has compiled some of the trendy colours for 2022:

Six Trending Interior Paint Colours for 2022

Colours resonate the different ways with different people. Some may love orange while others find it odd or dull. Some might prefer neutral light colors, while others prefer darker colours for their house as they are calm and soothe the mind.

  1. Babouche or Sunny Yellow

Brighter colours will be celebrated this year. Babouche is a colour from Farrow & Ball who said that the bright sunny yellow is perfect for embracing herald of normalcy. Although it is seen as bold, it is not tawdry or overpowering. This shade of yellow, named after Moroccan apparel worn by men, is described as “subdued sunshine”. Despite the bright hue it exudes, Babouche is perfect for wide space and bigger rooms.

  1. Very Peri

Being the Pantone of the year, Good Housekeeping listed Very Peri as one of the interior colours of the year. The paint colour exudes the unique depth and vision of the beloved blue family. The colours exhibit jovial presence, creativity, and inspirational expressions.

3, School House White

Muted, timeless, and comfortingly familiar; this is how Kayleigh described this shade of white. This is intended to look white on the painted areas. This colour evokes the colour of old schoolhouses. This colour also works well when combined with Babouche as it highlights the colour even more.

  1. October Mist

Benjamin Moore chose a subtle sage called October Mist as one of the colours for the year 2022. This colour encourages us to reveal our inner individuality and unearth the passion to design our home for our interests and style. October Mist gives a rustic countryside vibe when combined with sky blue or burnt earth red. This colour encourages recoupling with nature.

  1. Incarnadine

Incarnadine is a pinkish-red colour which is an accent between the Falu red of barns and raspberry hue. Incarnadine gives a comforting and warm ambiance. It works well for warm woodworks and rustic gold touches. It is best paired with a monochromatic palette or bright white shade.

  1. Stone Blue

Among the shades of blue, Farrow & Ball chose Stone Blue as one of the interior paint colours for 2022. Timeless and warm blue create a welcoming and classic ambiance to your house. This works well with living rooms and kitchens which often host high traffic. Paired with lighter tones, it creates a clean and modern feel.  

If you still have a hard time deciding what colour to use for your interior painting renovation, Earl’s Paintworks has a team of professional painters who can help you decide which colour suits your interior. It feels nice to keep your house stylish and clean.