A Two Tone Calgary Interior

Expand The Choices of Your Furniture & Decor With Two Tone Interior Paint

Two tone walls come with a many advantages. For starters, Earl’s Paintworks likes to say they expand the design choices at your disposal. With this style, you are going to have a wider choice in all things within your home, such as furniture and décor.  Two toned walls improve the aesthetics of your room and offer a unique impression. When a wall is painted with two colours, then, it arouses architectural interest and instant contrast. Again, two toned walls are a compromise when one faces a dilemma in choosing between two colours.

Is Two Tone A Trend?

Yes, the two tone wall is in stylistic trend. It is worth evaluating the best combination of colours for your two toned paint. Two toned wall examples include choosing white colour and combining it with another colour. The second choice of colour to add to white could be deep greens, warm pastels, or earthly browns. The reason why you should do a half-painted wall is that it is more contemporary and shows that you are conscious about design. In addition to that, they are sharper and more popular. Moreover, a half painted wall can be used to make a bold statement about your home.

Which Wall Should Be Darker?

In order to realize an optimal impact in using two colours, it is worth identifying which wall should be darker. The wall which has a different colour is otherwise known as an accent wall. It is advisable that the accent wall should be without doors and windows. If the room is unusually long or narrow, the accent creates an optical illusion which makes the dimensions less notable.