Ensuite Style

Elbow Valley Ensuite Uses Natural Light and Paint To Create A Spa Like Feel

Add Some Natural Light To Your Ensuite

This Elbow Valley Ensuite certainly isn’t the smallest bathroom we have ever painted (not sure our Calgary Painters have seen a larger one…) but we certainly did feel there were a few things about it that would make any ensuite feel like a spa.

Master Ensuites these days are pretty high on most home owners must-have list. The bathroom ideas from this ensuite help create a sanctuary in the home where you can steal a few calm, precious moments away to yourself.

With an ensuite bathroom, used by adults only, you can afford to be more adventurous with the decor. As well as being more relaxed about the robustness of surfaces, you can splash out on the fixtures and fittings to help create the dream bathroom you’ve always wanted. 

Stepping out of a dark, cozy bedroom into a light-filled ensuite is an uplifting way to start any day. The dark finish of the cabinetry contrasts and exaggerates the delight of the bright, sun-lit ensuite.

Nothing beats natural daylight for waking you up in the morning. If a regular window is out, consider a roof window or sky light directly above the shower area, pitching the ceiling up into the loft space if necessary. Invest in self-cleaning glass and triple glazing to keep your ensuite cosy and quiet.