Stipple Repair – It’s A Thing

A Bad Patch Job Looks About The Same As A Hole Or A Stain – Call The Experts!

Stipple Ceiling Repair

Hire A Pro For Stipple Ceiling Repairs

If you have seen a ceiling patch job you understand why it takes a serious professional to get this job done right. The experts at Earl’s Paintworks know how to handle this situation and get it done quickly, efficiently and most important, without leaving any trace.

Why Would You Need Ceiling Repairs?

Water damage, plumbing repairs, ceiling damage or access to the framework of an attic or floor for any reason might necessitate stipple repairs.

There are several challenges when it comes to matching everything up so the spot doesn’t look like a patched repair. In fact, this type of blending in any trade is true craftsmanship.

When it comes to patch repair, the actual repair process isn’t usually the biggest challenge; making the patch blend in with the rest of the celing, however, is a different story. If you’ve ever repaired your own drywall before, you’ve been there – no matter how much you sand, prime, and paint, the patch just doesn’t want to blend in with the rest of your home. And when it comes down to it, having a mismatched patch is just about as bad as having a hole or stain in the ceiling.

Don’t get frustrated with the stipple, give the experts at Earl’s Paintworks a call. We can take care of these problems in short order, makes sure repairs are left without a trace and ensure your ceiling is uniform and beautiful.