Sharkskin Garage Door Refinishing

A Luxurious Finish For Great Curb Appeal and The Ultimate Protection

Maintaining the Beauty of Wood

Solid wood has a luxurious look and feel that just can’t be replicated by other exterior products. Part of the appeal comes from the rich finish that can be established with stains designed to protect and seal the woods surface.

Staining is a passion the our skilled craftsmen and Calgary Painters at Earl’s Paintworks. This project turned out fantastic, as always it started with the proper prep work and when we finally got down staining, it was Sharkskin that was applied to deliver that luxurious look and the protection needed to keep these garage doors looking great for years to come.

SharkSkin® Deck & Siding Stain

Designed specifically for Canadian weather climates. Sun-drenched Summers and tough Canadian Winters – from wet coastal Vancouver Island through the frigid temperatures, snow and ice through Alberta, into the Prairies and Eastern Canada, SharkSkin® Deck & Siding stain was developed to withstand these wide ranging conditions using the latest hybrid waterborne alkyd technology.


The ultimate in Deck & Siding protection! An exterior 100% acrylic solid hide stain developed with the industry’s latest hybrid waterborne alkyd technology that provides superior adhesion, durability and resistance to cracking, peeling, and blistering. Formulated with fewer volatile solvents and additional mold & mildew inhibitors compared to conventional solid hide stains.

Recommended Uses

Ideally suited for exterior wood decks, patios, stair treads or other horizontal surfaces where a ‘paint look’ is desired. Recommended for use on wood, composite or cement board siding, fences, deck railings, soffits, trim, exterior stucco or other cementitious surfaces. Also recommended for use on properly prepared previously painted surfaces.