Kitchen Painting Styles

How To Style Your Kitchen With Interior Experts, Earl’s Paintworks

How to Style Your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen “in-style” can be quite a laborious task for many individuals. Kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring are the three most important components of a kitchen. You can style your kitchen by choosing complementary colours and accessorising by using highlights and kitchen items. Kitchen cabinet painting can help you stylize your kitchen interior.

Colour Scheme

You begin styling your kitchen by choosing the right colour scheme to be used. There are too many options you can choose from, Although you already know the colour that you want, there are still hundreds of shades, tones, and hues to choose from. When choosing the right colour, you opt for complementing colours.

The architecture of your kitchen interior and the materials used for walls and furniture can also be a factor in choosing the colour of your kitchen. Modern designs gear towards contrasting light and dark colours while traditional farmhouse architecture opts for neutral and natural colours.

Matching the Three

Your cabinets, countertop, and backsplash are the three connecting elements in your kitchen. The backsplash needs to work with the colour of the kitchen cabinets and the countertop. You can opt to go for a contrast; however, contrast is not for everybody but for those who want to make bold statements. Opposite hues attract and make an impact.

You can also opt to choose one colour from the upper cabinets and one colour from the lower cabinets, and the backsplash and the countertop will serve as the area of transition and should exude a third color that will complement both the upper and lower colours.

Kitchen Island and Countertops

Your kitchen island and your countertops do not need to match. Although using the same colour for your island and countertops will create harmony and unity of colours, using different colours for the kitchen island can be a beautiful focal point that will complement your kitchen interior.

Kitchen Flooring

When designing their kitchen, people tend to forget their kitchen flooring. Kitchen flooring is a crucial puzzle piece that getting it right can save you enormous time, money, and pain in the long run. The kitchen is the most used and abused part of the kitchen. Choosing the right kitchen flooring colour depends on either coordinating your flooring by choosing a contrasting colour with your kitchen cabinets and countertop or choosing the colour that matches your cabinets and countertops.

Kitchen Cabinet Style and Colour

There are many kitchen cabinets styles and colours you can choose from. Choosing the right cabinet style and colour can be a taxing job because there are different variables you need to consider before coming up with the right design and colour.

  • Budget: Budget is always the biggest consideration in choosing a cabinet design and colour. Some designs can be expensive depending on their material.
  • Functionality:  The use of the cabinets will also be a consideration in choosing the design and colour. The location where the cabinets will be installed will dictate which colour you should choose.

The colour of your cabinet can either contrast or complement your countertop, or it can unify the colour scheme of your interior.

When deciding which style works best for your kitchen, it is important to consider which colour and design exude your personality and lifestyle. If you are passionate about cooking, you might want to consider the kitchen interior of some prominent chefs and study how they stylize their kitchen. If you still have trouble deciding on how to stylize your kitchen, you can contact Earl’s Paintworks in Calgary to help you decide.