Staining In Longview

Maintaining the Beautiful Appearance of A Wood Exterior.

The exterior of your home plays a big role. Not only does it have to protect you and your family from the harsh Alberta climate, you expect it to continue to look good no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Trust Calgary Painters, Earl’s Paintworks to maintain and protect your wood siding and windows. 

Wood Siding is A Great Choice – Some Maintenance is Required

Wood siding comes in a variety of species and styles and it’s warmth, natural appearance is a logical choice for many homeowners.

Regardless of the type and species of wood siding you choose, it will stand up better, last longer and look better with the right stains , paints and finishes. Paint or solid colour stain provides the best protection from weather and UV damage. But if you want the look of natural wood grain, ask for a clear exterior finish that provides UV protection and is formulated for wood siding. 

Inspect Your Exterior Annually

Exterior stain or paint typically lasts for 4 to 6 years but this is highly dependent on the amount of exposure.

We recommend an annual inspection of your siding for cracks or damage that needs to be repaired. Catching damage before water, and freezing and thawing can cause more damage will prolong the life of your wood siding and windows.

What About The Windows?

Natural wood window frames have the power to insulate a home 400 times more than steel window frames and an incredible 1,800 times more than aluminum window frames. They’re also much better at limiting the noise that travels from outside your home than aluminum and vinyl window frames.

The downside? Wood window frames do require more regular maintenance than other types of window frames. But, with proper upkeep, these aesthetically pleasing window frames can last as long as 30 years and increase the value of your home.

Exterior window frames may require more frequent finishing than your wood siding depending again on the amount of exposure. Protecting windows from snow and rain with overhangs, awning and eaves will prolong the life of the stain and protectants.