Top Exterior Paint Colours for 2022

Early spring is usually the time to start thinking about a new exterior paint colour for your home. This might be the best time for you to update some details and keep up with the trend.

Early spring is usually the time to start thinking about a new exterior paint colour for your home. This might be the best time for you to update some details and keep up with the trend. After all, you do not want to be the shabby-looking house in the neighbourhood. Moreover, everything is getting back to normal and inviting friends and relatives over can be the best way to catch up with what happened in the past year. However, you would not want to have some friends invited only to see the faded exterior wall painting your house has.

It is best to dial your professional exterior painting contractor and get the work done. Magazines and paint colour enthusiasts have released the definitive list of exterior home painting colours that will be in-trend for the whole year.

Ten 2022 Exterior Colours of the Year

  1. Sherwin William’s Alabaster

We kick off this list with Sherwin William’s Alabaster. Alabaster is one of last year’s best interior colours as released by William. However, this colour is timeless and transcendent. Warm off-whites are so in-trend for 2022. Mixed with beige or yellow undertones, it brightens up homes. It is a perfect exterior neutral colour. This also elevates the home exterior to modernity it works well with existing brick or metal design features.

  1. Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Olive

Benjamin Moore kicked off his 2022 Exterior Colours of the year with the Aegean Olive hue. The earth tones and nature-inspired accent offer a warm, deep brown-green chic look. It works well as a base colour or as monochromatic exterior wall paint.

  1. Benjamin Moore’s Dove White

Another one on this list is from the works of Benjamin Moore. His dove white hue is very popular and has hints of gray that keep things cool and chic. This paint colour works best when surrounded by tall greeneries and dark-toned exterior architectural details.

  1. Benjamin Moore’s Sussex Green

Transitioning to the lighter side of the green palette, Sussex Green is a fresh and warm accent that complements best with copper highlights.

  1. BEHR’s Polar Bear

BEHR’s Polar Bear 75 is one of the 2022 Exterior Paint Colour of the Year. Polar Bear 75 offers a cool white tone that brings classic vibes to your home. Its pinkish undertone works best with natural wood tones or brown trims.

  1. Sherwin William’s Pewter Cast

This hue works best with stucco painting, lap cladding, and cedar stones. With houses with exposed stone or brick details or black roofs, the Pewter Cast from Sherwin William offers adaptability with its cool-muted tone of gray.

  1. Benjamin Moore’s Midsummer Night

Brick and Batten listed Moore’s Midsummer Night as one of the best exterior paint colours for this year. This hue has a dark and dramatic complex neutral. Midsummer has an accent somewhere between black and brown. Its rich colour is best for vacation houses and lake houses – better yet, to bring a relaxing vacation vibe in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Sherwin William’s Naval

Naval is one Sherwin William exterior paint colour for 2022. This hue can work as a full front door colour or an exquisite siding accent. Naval is a versatile neutral colour that can work perfectly with rosy pink or stony grey shade.

  1. Benjamin Moore’s Anonymous

Speaking of the brown-green-gray combination, Anonymous is a complex and sophisticated mid-to-dark-toned neutral paint colour. However, this accent works best when in harmony with the greeneries in the surrounding.

  1. Benjamin Moore’s Caviar

Closing our list is another Benjamin Moore hue. Caviar is a near-black hue that is more common than normal. This colour brings drama and depth that many clients desire.