How Long Does It Take To Paint The Outside of A House

Besides money, homeowners are also spending much time during the renovation process.

Besides money, homeowners are also spending much time during the renovation process. Whether they are doing it by themselves or hiring a professional painting contractor, there is still the element of time involved. However, do-it-yourself will surely cost you more time than hiring a professional painter. When hiring a professional painting contractor to paint the exterior of your home you do not have to worry about the work, you only about how long will it take to have your backyard cleaned and cleared. It seems a wiser choice given that you will not be saving much money by doing it yourself.

It is rational to consider the time needed to get the work done. If everyone in the family attends school or goes to work, nobody is left at home to watch over the painting process and the painting contractors. This is why some homeowners want to know the precise time needed to accomplish the painting process, so they can take a leave of absence to oversee the renovation themselves.

To know how long it will take to finish the entire exterior painting process, there are a few factors that need to be considered when estimating the time.

  1. Weather: It is important to consider the weather when you are estimating the time for the job to finish. It is important to pick the right time to paint. Regardless of how much prep work you did, sometimes it will rain on your parade. As paint sticks best on dry surfaces, it is best to choose the time of the year when there is less rain and less snow.
  2. Size: The area of your house is also an important indicator of how long it will take to finish the paint job. An average house will take an average of three to four days to accomplish the exterior painting with a team of three to five painters. Average house refers to two to three-floor houses with no more than four bedrooms. Larger houses will require more time to finish.
  3. Crew: Aside from the size of your house, another factor to consider is the number of painters who will be working on your house exterior painting. The more people working on your house painting, the less time it will take to cover all the bases. For a standard exterior painting, it will take more than a person to accomplish the job, especially when running a tight schedule.
  4. Prep Work: The dirtier the surface to be painted, the more prep work is needed. You can start painting with dirty surfaces. Moulds, mildew, dirt, dust, and pollens need to be washed off from the painting surface to ensure a good finish. These contaminants can damage the quality of the painting finish. The time needed to clean and prep the painting surface also contributes to how long the project will take.
  5. Repair: Repairing cracks and holes in the concrete wall or replacing old bricks on your exterior wall may take some time and add to your painting timeframe. It is important to fill the gaps and cracks before applying the final paint coat. Rotten woods also need to be replaced or repaired before applying paint.
  6. Clean up: The last factor that needs to be considered is the time needed to clean up the mess after the painting process. This includes the removal of tapes and protective plastic sheets used to avoid paint splatter.

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