The Best Colours for Your Bedroom: Paint Psychology by Earl’s

Good Paint = Good Sleep… Yes, you read that right. The right interior wall colours can create a sleeping environment that encourages sleep while pursuing the aesthetic beauty of the bedroom.

The Bedroom Paint Psychology

Earl’s Paintworks wants to invest in your best asset, a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep provides substantial benefits to your health and your mood. It lowers the risk for serious health problems such as hypertension and diabetes. It greatly improves your mood and reduces your stress level. When rested, it helps you also to make good decisions at getting along well with people at work or school. It greatly helps in avoiding accidents and injuries. These are just a few of the long list of reasons why we need to obtain a complete good night’s sleep.

However, others find it much more difficult to get a good night’s sleep despite their best efforts to calm their mind and close their eyes. People who suffer from sleeping difficulties find it struggling to rest at night.

Fortunately, the right interior wall colours can create a sleeping environment that encourages sleep while pursuing the aesthetic beauty of the bedroom.

Best Colours for Your Bedroom

Homeowners have personal preferences when repainting their house. They often prefer colours that resonate with their personality. But there are a few colour recommendations that could greatly help your mood and the ambiance of your house. Here are a few colour combinations we recommend that could greatly fit your bedroom:

  1. Shades of Gray

Gray is a colour more neutral than negative. Gray is a unique and remarkable colour that blends well with its shade. Gray might be monochromatic, but it exudes class and balance. Gray also adds warm tones and a modern appeal.

  1. Shades of Purple

Purple often exudes grandeur, luxury, royalty, peace, and independence. For a time in our history,  the colour purple is only reserved as a sign of royalty. It provides a unique and subtle atmosphere for your bedroom interior.

  1. White and Blue

White always conveys cleanliness and purity, while blue represents tranquility and warmth. The blue and white combination gives a warm and cozy ambiance to your room. The colour blue evokes pleasure and serenity in the bedroom.

  1. Burgundy and Beige

Burgundy is often associated with the high-class society that indicates power and sophistication. When combined with the colour beige, the combination exudes neutrality, calmness, comfort, and warmth. This combination gives a calming ambiance that is great for a night’s sleep.

  1. White and Lavender

Lavender is like truffle, an acquired colour taste. It is more personal than a common one. This color invites a youthful and positive aura to your bedroom that promotes sleep. White and lavender exudes serenity and provides a vibrant atmosphere.

  1. Brown and Cream

Brown is seen as strong colour. Brown reflects a classic urban elegance to your bedroom. This combination gives your room a shimmer of dark wood that will improve your bedroom’s aesthetic level. The cream gives an airy feel to your bedroom. This provides an earthy and nature-like ambiance to your bedroom.

  1. Peach and White

As surprising as it may sound, peach provides a calming effect to people. The colour peach resonates happiness in aspects of your life and gives a light and jovial aura to your bedroom.

  1. Light Blue and Mustard Yellow

The blue and yellow combination resonates with a jovial ambiance for your bedroom. The desaturated colour combination of these colours creates a vibrant design. It creates an illusion that your house looks more spacious.

When deciding for the colour to use for your bedroom, choose a color that matches your personality and greatly improves your mood. Choose the colour that calm your mind and helps you get a much needed good night sleep.