3 Home Improvements To Boost Mental Health and Increase Home Value

With the pandemic still limiting the time you can spend outside of the home, there has never been a better time to spruce up your house. Making changes to your home can help revive your spirits while adding value. Follow these tips for making your space a happier and healthier one.

1. Declutter

According to WebMD, cluttered spaces and untidy areas cause increased stress. Your home should be where you feel most relaxed, not where you suffer additional stress. Do yourself a favor and embark on a mission to declutter your home and help your mental health in the process. There are many methods for decluttering, but most revolve around a few simple ideas.

Start by going through your house a room at a time and looking at items you are holding onto. Ask yourself if the items are worth the space they take up and the upkeep they require. Will you use them in the future or do they hold a special spot in your heart that makes parting with them difficult? Once you’ve decided what’s worth keeping and what you can relieve yourself of, make plans to dispose of or donate the items you no longer want.

2. Paint Your Home

Few home improvement moves pack as much punch as a paint job does. Not only does it increase the value of your home with a huge return on investment, but it is also a striking change that is much more affordable than other means of improvement. More so than any other change you can make, painting your walls or the exterior of your house can change the entire feel of it, and if you choose bright or calming colors, it can have a positive impact on your mood as well.

Though you can paint yourself, there are benefits to hiring professional painters to do the job. It saves you from investing in painting materials such as rollers, brushes and ladders, and they understand best what primers, paint and tools will work best for your specific job. You can also trust professionals to navigate around installations and furniture to ensure there are no unsightly spots of paint dripping onto your floors, edging or possessions.

3. Redo or Finish the Basement

In times of stress, it’s hugely beneficial to have a space for yourself where you can engage in activities that bolster your mental health. Basements offer an often overlooked or underdeveloped area where you can carve out a space for yourself, and there are a number of inventive ways you can use them to your benefit. You may want to create a yoga or gym space to focus on your physical health or a reading room to give you a private place to enjoy your favorite books.

Depending on the status of your basement, you may need to hire a professional to help finish part or all of it. It’s important to set a budget so that you know precisely what you’re spending; that way, you won’t go over budget. Remember that issues with electrical wiring especially should be left in the hands of an experienced electrician. Insulation may need to be installed, as well as ceilings, and if you are putting in carpet, it’s important to include a subfloor as basement floors frequently have moisture issues that lead to mold.

While you may be home more often than you’d like these days, if you spend the time making changes, you can improve your mental health and increase your home’s value in the process. Your home should be your sanctuary, and with enough effort and some help from Earl’s Paintworks, you can make it a place where your wellness thrives.