Why You Should Clean Your New Home and How to Do It Right

A new home is like opening a new chapter in your life. Before you settle in, however, you need to make sure that chapter’s a clean one. Houses and apartments are not always move-in ready, especially if the previous tenants just moved out, or if you’ve just had your interior painted and any repairs have been completed. However, there are some pretty simple options to get your new place fresh, clean and tidy.

Here, Earl’s Paintworks offers the following tips to help as you dive in.

Hire a Professional to Clean Your Home for You

Moving can be extremely stressful. The complexities of this stress are often overlooked by people who primarily focus on streamlining packing and relocation. A thorough cleaning  of your new place can help you feel safer and more secure after your move. So even if you are moving into a seemingly clean apartment or house, you should consider using a professional cleaning service to make sure your new property is completely spotless. This is an especially great strategy for seniors, particularly those who have mobility, health, or chronic pain issues. You can use a search tool like this one to find reliable professional cleaners to really get your new place clean.

Take Care of Cleaning Tasks on Your Own

Hiring pros is the most convenient way to get your new home clean, but sometimes this isn’t the preferred or affordable option. Some people like to take care of the cleaning themselves, and some people just don’t have room in their move-in budget for professional cleaning. That’s totally understandable, but you can make your DIY cleaning a little easier with a checklist. Using a checklist ensures you hit areas you might not consider. One area people often miss is the top of ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. All that built-up dust will only make its way into your home’s air if you leave it, so use an easy-to-use duster to get rid of it. Look for one that has an extendable handle, to make reaching those taller areas, like fans and even the top of cabinets and appliances, so much easier.

Focus on Filtering Out Indoor Air Pollutants

Keeping that dust out of your air is a good idea for many reasons. Reducing indoor air pollutants is the simplest way to reduce the instance of allergies and respiratory issues for anyone living in your home.  Cleaning before you move in is a good first step, but you also need to stick to a regular cleaning schedule to make the most difference in your home’s air quality. Changing out filters is also key, but you may want to think twice before you buy an air purifier to resolve indoor pollution concerns. Air purifiers typically only work when used in smaller spaces, so if you are moving into a smaller apartment, picking one up could be a smart investment. For larger homes, however, you may be better off opening a window or looking for more efficient ways to clear the air.

Use These Tips When Cleaning Your Former Home

Not only can you use these tips and suggestions for cleaning your new home, but you can also utilize them when wrapping things up at your old home! While cleaning your home before saying goodbye is always a good idea, giving some attention to your property when selling it can make all the difference; after all, it’s hard to stage a property that’s dirty and cluttered! So, to make things appealing and to give your property’s value a lift, make small budget-friendly repairs and spend some time cleaning up your yard, which will help increase its curb appeal. This probably sounds like a lot of hard work, but it will help you get things ready for the next chapter in your life.

You would never dream of wearing some stranger’s dirty clothes, so why live in their dirty home? New houses are not always as clean as they should be, so it’s up to you to make sure your new place is cleaned to your standards. So hire a pro or take some time to clean yourself.

Photo Credit: Pexels