Stucco vs Vinyl Siding – A Guide For Homeowners

Choosing a siding type for your home is an important decision. Homeowners are often torn between vinyl siding, which costs less and requires little to no maintenance, and stucco, which provides better insulation but requires more upkeep.

Depending on the location of your property, the climate in your area may also play a factor in this decision. This article will outline some of the pros and cons of both types of siding so that you can make a well-informed choice for your home.

What is stucco?

Stucco is a form of an exterior coating on buildings. Stucco, which derives from the Italian word meaning “plastered” or “typed”, can be made with any number of ingredients and combined to create different effects for your home’s exterior look.

The most common ingredient in stucco is Portland cement and lime put together, but other materials may also include sand and clay.

What is vinyl?

Vinyl siding is a type of exterior wall cladding for homes. Vinyl, which comes from the word “polyvinyl” or synthetic polymer vinyl chloride and plasticizer, has been popular since it was first introduced in 1948 as an alternative to traditional wood sidings on houses.

It’s made by extruding PVC into sheets that can be cut to various lengths and applied over your home’s walls using screws, nails, staples, or other fasteners.

The cost of stucco vs vinyl siding

Stucco is typically more expensive than vinyl siding, though there are options such as EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) that provide a cheaper alternative to stucco.

However, when looking at the total cost over time of owning a home with these two types of siding, this difference in upfront costs can catch up to one another and be relatively even.

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The average cost of stucco is $5-9/square foot. Vinyl, on the other hand, is $1-8/square foot. If you’re on a budget, vinyl will be more affordable but you may have to replace and repair it more often.

Cost of stucco vs vinyl siding

Vinyl siding prices can range from $700-$1,000 for a 1,800 square foot home while stucco will be closer to $5,000-$8,000 depending on how much work needs doing.

Stucco is a great long-term investment because while it does cost more upfront, it’s very durable and strong.

The durability of stucco vs vinyl siding

Stucco is more durable than vinyl siding. One of the major benefits to stucco over other types of exterior sidings, such as wood or aluminum, is that when it’s installed properly and maintained on a regular basis, it can last for many decades.

Vinyl needs painting every few years or else it will eventually wear and lose its color and luster. Ensure that you hire expert painters like Earl’s Paintworks or take your time if you do a DIY project.

Stucco is an easily paintable surface so you won’t need to worry about painting it. One of the downsides to using stucco as exterior siding material is that there are many different types, colors, and levels of quality available.

If you don’t choose the correct type of stucco for your project, you may end up having to repaint it later.

Vinyl doesn’t require any type of maintenance or coating because it’s already coated with its own type of paint-like substance called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This makes vinyl great for outdoor use since all surfaces will be protected from UV rays, moisture, or weather damage.

Insulation factor for stucco vs vinyl siding

Stucco offers better insulation than vinyl siding. When it comes to the insulating ability of stucco, its thickness and porosity play a major role in how well it insulates your home. Stucco is an excellent thermal barrier because of these properties as well as the fact that there are no gaps between each layer when properly applied.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is relatively thin and will not provide as much insulation. If you live in a very cold place like us (Calgary), then you know you need as much insulation as you can get! This will keep you, your family, and your children warm during the cold months.

However, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s warm all year round, vinyl can be good since you don’t need to budget in the factor of insulation as much.

Final thoughts on stucco vs vinyl siding

Stucco is better than vinyl siding when it comes to insulation from cold weather because of its thickness and porosity. Vinyl will not provide as much insulation, which can prove useful if you live in a warm area. It’s really up to your personal needs!

What are the advantages/disadvantages of stucco? Firstly, it’s very effective at protecting the outside of a home. It’s thick, durable, and will protect property from wind, rain, snow, and other elements. The disadvantage is that it’s more expensive than vinyl.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of vinyl? The most obvious advantage to a property owner is cost because it typically costs much less to install and maintain. A small downside could be its appearance but this can often depend on what color or style you choose for your home.

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