Painting vs Replacing Aluminum Siding – A Quick Guide

Aluminum siding has been a popular choice for homes and businesses since the 1970s. It’s durable, affordable, and easy to install.

However, it can fade or become damaged over time with harsh weather conditions like snow and rain.

So, what do you do when your aluminum siding starts looking old? Painting it is an option but if you’re feeling adventurous, why not replace it?

In this blog post we’ll discuss how to paint aluminum siding versus replacing it as well as the pros and cons of each process.

When should I replace my aluminum siding? 

At some point, you may want to replace your aluminum siding. Perhaps it’s showing signs of age, wear, or damage. While painting does provide protection, if the siding is worn enough, it will will need to be replaced in order to look and function like new again.

Aluminum siding may get a duller appearance or show signs of dirt buildup over time. Painting doesn’t remove these issues–it just covers them up temporarily with paint that eventually wears away too. To keep your home looking fresh for years to come, you’ll want to replace the material instead of trying not to let painting take its toll on the surface area.

As mentioned before, painting cannot hide all scuffs, scratches, and dents to siding. 

A brand new siding installation would typically include: installing trim around windows and doors; sealing gaps between walls using caulking compound; applying metal flashing where applicable for protection against water penetration in wall cavities.

Painting doesn’t usually cover all these details because they are structural elements that need attention as well. Replacing your old aluminum siding with newer material will ensure you get years of use out of your home exterior without worrying about maintenance later on down the road.

What are the benefits of painting over replacing it? 

In some cases, painting is the better choice if you’re looking to simply give aluminum siding a facelift. Painting is a cheap and easy way to update the appearance of your home while also protecting it from outside elements. Painting should be done every few years or so, depending on how often you experience harsh weather in your area.

Painting offers an economical alternative for homeowners who are looking to invest in their property without having to replace old siding that may not last much longer anyway. Painting creates a uniform look with any other exterior material like brick, stone, stucco or even wood if desired; because traditional paint isn’t as heavy duty as aluminum.

How much does it cost to paint or replace aluminum siding? 

Everything we’re talking about is fine and dandy. However, how much does it actually cost to paint or replace aluminum siding?

The average cost to paint aluminum siding is just shy of $500. Painting a home with traditional house paint should require about one gallon for every 400 square feet, and the cost per gallon ranges from around $30-50. For replacing aluminum siding, there are several factors that influence what you’ll pay: type of material, size of your home, and the amount needed to be replaced

If you hire professional contractors to do it on your behalf, expect to pay $1,800 on the low end. However, since every project is unique, contact our team of experts for a free quote.

Cost to paint house

Painting aluminum siding is a more affordable solution

Painting aluminum siding can be done in one day, saving you time and money. 

The color of the paint can be customized to match your home or business perfectly. You can also customize exactly to bring your dream vision to life.

Painting is a more affordable solution, costing around $700 – $3,900 per 1,000 square feet.  It is also less work for you and your family.

The only drawback to painting aluminum siding is if the paint starts peeling or to fade, you will have to once again paint it. You can either take it on a DIY project or hire professional painters like Earl’s Paintworks in Calgary.

Replacing aluminum siding is expensive and time-consuming

Painting aluminum siding makes the whole process a lot less difficult. When you replace aluminum siding, you have to hire expensive contractors that will also take a long time to finish the project.

The great thing about painting is that you can make it as easy or difficult for yourself. Painting aluminum siding will not only keep your home looking fresh but also save you the hassle of replacing it in a few years with an expensive contractor.

However, one benefit is that aluminum siding adheres to paint very well (usually better than vinyl) and doesn’t shrink like wood. Because of this, you can look forward to about 15 years of lifespan with aluminum siding.

Painting aluminum siding adds value to your property

One of the greatest benefits to painting aluminum siding instead of completely replacing it, is that painting adds value to your property. In the case that you wish to sell your home, you will be able to increase the selling price and make more money.

When you paint aluminum siding, it saves the hassle of needing to replace your home’s exterior in a few short years. The painting process is not as difficult and expensive as replacing the material entirely. Painting also helps keep homes looking fresh with newer appearances that make them more attractive on the market or for resale.

Final thoughts on painting vs replacing aluminum siding

Painting aluminum siding is a more affordable solution with less time and effort than replacing it. It also offers the ability to customize your home and have fun with its style. That’s not to mention the potential value it can add to your property.

On the other hand, replacing aluminum siding can be very expensive.  It also requires a lot of time and hard labor. In a situation where there are many scuffs, dents, and scratches, it’s the wiser choice to fully replace the siding. Brand new aluminum siding should last around 50 years (yes, you read that right!)

Ultimately, if you want the best bang for your buck and don’t require a complete replacement, then repainting aluminum siding is the best choice. Need professional painters to take care of this for you? Reach out to us today for a free quote.