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Techniques for painting

While plain solid paint wall will give you a nice looking video, an interesting wall painting can give your home a whole new meaning. With creative ideas, techniques, and paint, you can transform your interior design and give a personalized vibe to each area of the house things like painting a bathroom can really help with your renovations. If your unfamiliar you should probably consult a local Calgary painter for a quote

There are many wall painting techniques, but vibrant and creative wall painting ideas give out an artistic vibe to your modern interiors.


It is basically diamond patterns that are easy to create using the certain tools. Harlequin is an interesting pattern, especially for your kid’s room. If you use contrasting color, it can be an elegant design for your bedroom walls as well. For Harlequin pattern, first, you will need to measure the wall and put painter’s tape diagonally across it. Then paint all over the wall and once the paint is dry, remove the tape.


If you want a dramatic or glamorous look for your room, then soft metallic paint applied on an accent wall will provide you just that. If you want to go all in with the drama or glamor, you can paint on the entire wall. If that is too dramatic for you, use it as an accent using a stencil or by painted designs.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are a fun wall painting that you can use it in your children’s bedroom. It is also very easy. Just doll up your wall with easily-removed disc stickers. You can make a fun activity with it, just spread them out and let your kids arrange them randomly.

Color Washing

Color washing is an amazing wall painting technique that gives a lot of texture to the wall. It would look really great if you have a Mediterranean or Tuscan room. For color washing, choose a satin base coat color and then using a large brush paint over it in an X pattern along with glaze paint mix.


Whether vertical or horizontal, stripes are a simple, easy way to create fun wall painting. It is also a wonderful option when you are looking for a dramatic effect. Wider the stripes, more the effect. However, don’t go for thin strips in the bedroom, it will be too invigorating. To create a stripe, paint your walls in a lighter color then apply painter’s tape to get the stripe effect. Paint the striped area in the darker shade.


Similar to rag rolling, sponging is another wall technique that gives you a lot of texture. It is super easy to do as well. Just paint the wall with a base coat. Once it is dry, using sponge roller or natural sea sponge dab randomly on the wall with your desired color.


Once the sandstone paint is dried, it gives the wall a sandy texture, which is quite an interesting texture. As it is hard to clean, so they are probably not the best option for a child’s room. For sandstone wall, you will need sandstone paint and apply it to the wall using a “W” pattern.